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ALARM Myanmar

ALARM is an active, independent and non-profit full-fledged NGO devoted to catalyzing democratic transition and sustainable development of Myanmar through mainstreaming climate change, environmental justice and governance into existing policy frameworks and institutions of natural resources management.


Myanmar EITI tripartite coalition calarify its 4th report on transparency initiatives

Forest and Land Reform Program (FLRP)

Forest and land reform program (FLRP) of ALARM aims to improve the natural resource governance in terms of promoting the role of civil society and people participation in decision making process in relation to sustainable management of forest, land, resources and biological diversity by end of 2020.

People & Environment Integrity Program(PEIP)

With the transition of Myanmar from a country with political and economic isolation to the long-awaited democratic reform, various departments have been focusing on the country’s growth in peace, reform and development processes.

Human Security and Decentralization Program (HSDP)

Myanmar is now trying to build the democratic country and the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) play a crucial role in this process because they represent for grass roots and local community.

ALARM Ecological LAB

ALARM Ecological laboratory “A.E Lab” is the first laboratory established in Myanmar, for laboratory testing services specifically for Environmental Parameters. It was established in 2013 under ALARM’s Environmental Watch for Environmental Governance Project, granted by the Government of the French Republic and the European Union. A.E Lab has been designed to test and determine environmental parameters such as water quality, air quality and soil quality for environmental related issues.