ALARM’s Contribution to COVID-19 Response of Myanmar

Since the arrival of COVID-19 in Myanmar in March, 2020, ALARM, being also a local non-profit organization, has proactively been contributing to the fight against coronavirus. ALARM formed community based COVID-19 response volunteer groups with the members of partner CSOs and local institutions where there are no volunteer groups and if these groups have already in place, ALARM cooperated with them and handed over these medical aids, protective measures and education materials to the Rural Health Centers, Sub-Centers, Township General Hospitals, Philanthropic Organizations, Local Authorities such as EAOs in Shan State, Ethnic Political Parties such as Mon Unity Party in Mon State and Local Authorities.
Through these local organizations, ALARM, together with the volunteers, help distributed these aids to the communities and CQCs. Prior to distribution of these aids, ALARM delivered basic community healthcare trainings to these volunteers. Contributions made by ALARM during such time of COVID-19 crisis include

1. Awareness raising, trainings, publications and distribution of education materials
2. Data collection of potentially affected returnees
3. Support to farmer for people-to-people’s food distribution activity
4. Emergency Food Aid
5. Development of Research initiative for monitoring of Emerging Infectious disease and Point-Of-Care Testing Application
6. Development of Mobile Application for introducing Tele Care for improved health care and support to rural villages

This news article features summarize detail of ALARM’s contributions to COVID-19 all over the country. All those contributions cannot be done by ALARM itself but can be done with the help of local community. ALARM thank you from here to all personal who help us achieving such great contributions. Please read the full article on the following link.


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