Milestone 1

Pioneering civil society development and networking, cofounding many CSOs and networks across the country

Milestone 2

Facilitating the official transfer of over 20,000 acres of community forest to the respective communities in Dry Zone, Sagaing, Kachin, Shan, Chin and Tanintharyi areas for securing land and tree tenure of the forests traditionally managed by the communities

Milestone 3

Disseminating efficient cooking stoves reaching to more than a million users nation-wide

Milestone 4

Establishing rural enterprises in Dry Zone, employing over 400 rural women to generate off-farm income during non-farming seasons

Milestone 5

Training of over 10,000 rural youths and women for leadership development, participatory development and sustainable livelihood development

Milestone 6

Supporting more than 100 young professionals for pursuing overseas training, postgraduate studies and applied research as part of intellectual strengthening

Milestone 7

Promoting religious values and community mediation campaign for social cohesion in conservation and development

Milestone 8

Advocating “Rule of Forest Law” for ensuring community access to the use of tree and forest products

Milestone 9

Introducing the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) in Myanmar for better forest governance and helping combat illegal logging

Milestone 10

Initiating “National System for Environmental Performance Assessment” for improving national policies and management on deforestation, endangered biodiversity, land degradation, water resource scarcity, air pollution, inadequate solid waste management and climate change

Milestone 11

Assisting the government to develop “National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan (NBSAP)” in accordance with the guideline of the UN Convention on Biodiversity

Milestone 12

Leading the development of “National Strategic Framework for Rural Development”

Milestone 13

Leading nationwide campaigns to fight against land grabbing and to protect land tenure security of ethnic minority that leads to the formulation of national land use policy