Research for Change

Drying Chamber Model For Betel Nut Dehydration

As part of the project titled “Enhancing Rural Livelihoods and Income Project(ERLIP)” implementing in Bokepyin of Tanitharyi region in collaboration with the Department of Rural Development(DRD) and the Asian Development Bank(ADB), ALARM with technical...

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Municipal Audit in Mandalay

Municipal waste has become a serious issue in urban environmental management in mega cities like Yangon and Mandalay. It can be even worse because of improper waste management practices. Therefore, ALARM recruited an international expert to do waste audit...

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Public Opinion Survey for public policy reform

ALARM has conducted altogether fourteen public opinion surveys for policy reform since the beginning of the URGE Program in 2012. These surveys included public opinion surveys on the performance of the president, the members of parliament, Hluttaw...

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