ALARM’s Responsible Club (ARC)

ALARM’s Responsible Club (ARC) is a dedicated club to help each other for coping with the environmental concerns in Myanmar. ACE is established by Association of Advancing Life And Regenerating Motherland (ALARM) which is local leading environmental organization. ALARM is a non-profit non-governmental organization registered under Myanmar Association Act and implement development and environmental conservation projects throughout Myanmar since 2012.

Aim       : The aim of establishing ARC has two folds;

  1. To promote share-learning on sustainable consumption and practice
  2. To collaborate for environmentally sound responsible investment and equitable development

ARC Membership

Anyone who are interested in environmental matter are eligible to be a member of ARC and could choose any-type of membership for benefiting various opportunities.

Description Platinum Member Gold Member Silver Member
Membership Fees (5 years) 500 $ 300 $ 100 $
Annual Membership Fees 150 $ 100 $ 20 $
Benefits of Membership
Environmental Legal Consultation 1 Time/Year Free
General Environmental Consultation 2 Time/year Free 1 Time/Year Free 1 Time/Year Free
Matching of Sustainable Business 1 Time/Year Free 1 Time/Year Free
Environmental Training 2 Pax/Year Free 1 Pax/Year Free 1 Pax/Year Free
Environmental Talk, Seminar, Workshop 3 Pax/Year Free 2 Pax/Year Free 1 Pax/Year Free
Information Sharing Free news-letter and environmental update
Annual report
Free news-letter and environmental update
Annual report
Free news-letter and environmental update
Environmental Laboratory Testing 10% Discount & Prior Delivery Report 10% Discount 10% Discount
Environmental Education & Knowledge Materials 10% Discount 10% Discount 10% Discount
Additional Supporting Services 10% Discount 10% Discount

Major Services of ARC

  1. Environmental Awareness & Education
  2. Participatory Environmental Assessment
  3. Environmental Financing
  4. Environmental Capacity Building & Human Resource Development
  5. Technical Assistance for Environmental Conservation & Pollution Control
  6. Environmental Consultancy
  7. Environmental Quality Monitoring & Watchdog
  8. Environmental Conflict Mediation

Environmental Training

  1. Environmental Assessment and Management
  2. Participatory Environmental Impact Assessment
  3. Environmental Conflict Management & Land Tenure Security
  4. Effective Environmental Communication & Mobilization
  5. Environmental Testing and Monitoring – Water Pollution
  6. Social & Environmental Research Methodology & Participatory Planning
  7. Micro-Biology for Bio-Technology Development and Environmental Remediation
  8. Forest Management and Environmental Conservation
  9. Multi-Purpose Nursery Establishment and Development