Become a Member


For those who love the environmental Justice, Clean Air, Clean Earth, Clean Water can apply to be the member of Advancing Life and Regenerating Motherland (ALARM).

Benefits of Membership

Being as a member of ALARM, you will be eligible to receive the following:

  1. Able to attend the Capacity Building Training
  2. Foreign Scholarship Opportunities
  3. Access to ALARM’s Information, Education and Communication(IEC) Materials with a cheap price and will be able to distribute them
  4. Grants for the environmental conservation activities
  5. Support in tackling the environmental affairs
  6. Connection with local NGOs and INGOs concerning environmental issues
  7. Able to test the environmental quality of the local environmental
  8. Availability of the environment facts and data
  9. Being able to collaborate in the environmental justice sector as a due diligence citizen

Become a member

  • The recommendations from the two current members of ALARM are required to become membership of ALARM.
  • The members have to pay the membership fees 100,000 kyats and monthly fees 10,000 kyats.
  • The members have the responsibility to increase the new members of the organization

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