ALARM’s Feedback Mechanism

The Association of Advancing Life and Regenerating Motherland (ALARM) has developed this feedback mechanism to maintain transparency and accountability between ALARM and its partners, as well as towards the beneficiaries of its programs and projects. Moreover, as ALARM pays serious attention to the complaints, it tackles them through various ways and mechanisms including by closely monitoring the project activities. The supervisors and project-level responsible persons of ALARM will address the complaints actively and considerately.


This feedback mechanism is developed to enhance the current and future rules and regulations formulated and ruled on by ALARM in the project areas with the collaboration of the communities concerned.

Incident For Confidentiality

Although ALARM keeps all the information confidential, ALARM will not handle anonymous complaints, which means the complaint without revealing the identity of the complainant.

Types of complaints

ALARM is aiming at handling the complaints that are related to the scope of work of ALARM, which includes:

  • ALARM’s works
  • Projects and programs implemented or supported by ALARM
  • Behaviors and practice of the staff of ALARM or staff working under the support of ALARM
  • Management issues of ALARM’s staff
  • Corruption, sexual exploitation and violations by ALARM’s staff

The person who can raise the complaint

  • ALARM’s staff
  • ALARM’s partners organization
  • Direct beneficiaries of the project implemented by ALARM’s partners organization and other relevant responsible peoples

Procedures for reporting the complaints

The following methods can be used to submit the complaints;

  • Sending email to the email address:
  • Submitting the complaint letter to the head office of ALARM in Yangon
  • ALARM has established the complaint boxes at its head office and field offices in its project areas. Complaints can be made by both sending email and filling the complaint forms and dropping them in the complaint boxes.

Responding to the complaints

To effectively handle the complaints, ALARM has formed a high-level management team called Strategic Quality Team (SQT). The SQT is comprised of finance and administrative officers, the Human Resource Officer and the relevant program officer of ALARM, and they will together solve the complaints rationally. In the case of the person who was lodged against in a complaint is a person with higher authority in the organization or the administrative officers or a member of the SQT, the executive director will report to the board of directors.

Incident Form