Micro Grant

Advancing Life and Regenerating Motherland(ALARM) will support the micro-grants to any organization which will meet one of the following activities as well as the standards mentioned in the ALARM’s financial policy:

  • Community Forestry
  • Forest Monitoring & Environmental Watch Initiatives
  • Renewable Energy Development Initiatives
  • Mangrove Aquaculture Development
  • Capacity Building Training
  • Awareness Raising Campaign& Training
  • Organizational Development
  • Village Fuelwood Plantation
  • Multi-Purpose Nursery
  • Villages Enterprise Development
  • Organic Farming Training
  • Water Resource Utilization
  • Participatory Action Research
  • Community Based Natural Resource Management Initiatives
  • Coordination Meeting and Workshop for natural resource governance
  • Value Chain Development


Although the aforementioned activities are not met, the micro-grant may be supported with the approval of the Executive Director of ALARM if the proposed activities will be able to assist in enhancing the politic, economic and social development of the country. However, the requested amount of money which will not exceed more than twice of annual financial management of the concerned organization will be considered.

The Eligible organizations

The following organizations described below can be applied for the micro-grant;

  1. Ethinc Members Groups (or)
  2. Community Based Organizations(or)
  3. Civil Society Organizations


For the organizations who want to apply the micro-grant of ALARM, the following qualifications will be needed:

  1. Able to show the evidence related to the background history of the organization
  2. Must be at least one year of organizational establishment.
  3. Must be able to handle the financial management effectively
  4. Need to describe the amount of money spent on the different project activities and list them
  5. Must have skillfulness related to the concerned project activities or the experiences as the evidence
  6. The financial management and activities reports have to be submitted during the regarded time
  7. The environmental and village development activities have to be carried out in reality
  8. Must give the success stories and evidence related to the implementation of project activities
  9. Free from the violence, bullies, doing the indecorous actions upon the children