History of ALARM




  • Participated & facilitated in the dialogues of land and environmental sector in the Union Peace Conference and organized consultation workshops and technical seminars to assist the discussions
  • Developed a CSO (active in Environment) Directory in some States and Regions and identified the Environmental Sensitivity Areas using the methodology of environmental sensitivity mapping (ESM)
  • Continued engaging in the national processes of FLEGT VPA and MEITI
  • Employing about 80 staff nationwide


  • Started implementing the project titled “Natural Resource Governance with Women Empowerment” with the funding support of Trocaire
  • Organized the ‘Mya Sein Yaung Project Review and Policy Advocacy Workshop’
  • Helped the government to effectively disburse 30 million MMK as revolving funds of the ‘Mya Sein Yaung Project’ to each of the 10,000 targeted villages
  • Assisted the establishment of a centralized wastewater treatment plant as requested by the authority of Sagaing Region in Monwya Industrial Zone
  • Conducted a feasibility study for the waste-to-energy initiative in Mandalay


  • Led the formulation of “the Strategic Framework for Rural Development”
  • Helped the flood recovery and rehabilitation programs in the Dry Zone
  • Introduced the Participatory Environmental Impact Assessment (PEIA) as a way of mitigating conflicts and avoiding donor driven EIA
  • Initiated the ‘Mya Sein Yaung Revolving Fund’ Project in collaboration with the Department of Rural Development (DRD), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation
  • Carried out the ‘Enhancing Rural Livelihood and Infrastructure’ Project with the aid of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in 51 villages of Bokepyin Township, Tanintharyi Region
  • Provided capacity building training to the stakeholders of the ‘Mya Sein Yaung Project’
  • Organized a series of the Global Intellectual Forum at the University of Yangon, inviting the renowned Burmese Scholars from across the world


  • Introduced “the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT)” with the aid of European Union (EU) in Kachin State, Sagaing Region and Tanitharyi Region
  • Performed the Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation Project (REDD+) in collaboration with the local indigenous people in Naga Region
  • Founded the Community Development Centre near Khone Ni village, Kalaw Township, Shan State


  • Received the official registration document for the organization under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Nay Pyi Daw
  • Implemented the project entitled “Monitoring, Engagement and Advocacy for improved Natural Resource Governance”
  • Acted as the representative of the Civil Society Organizations in the Multi-Stakeholders Group (MSG) of Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) Process


  • Led the campaign to stop ‘Myit Sone Dam’ in Kachin State
  • Established the ALARM Ecological Laboratory to provide scientific verification of environmental pollutions
  • Initiated the Environmental Report Card (ERC), conducted the pilot study to assess the environmental status based on public opinions, and published the first Myanmar Environmental Outlook
  • Carried out the soil and environmental conservation activities in the Inlay watershed areas of the Kalaw Township with the aid of the UNDP


  • Undertook the Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Assets Restoration (CLEAR) Project activities and helped the local communities to ensure their participation in Gwa Township of Rakhine State
  • Empowered the local businesspersons from eight villages through the Scaling Up of Rural Enterprise project in Magway Township and helped to earn the extra income during the off-season


  • Accomplished the Community Forestry Projects in Chin State, Kachin State, Shan State and the Dry Zone


  • Disseminated more than one million energy-efficient stoves nationwide, created job opportunities for 100 local people


  • Started the establishment of EcoDev that stands for ‘Economically Progressive Ecosystem Development’ to implement soil conservations and community forestry activities in the Dry Zone of Myanmar