ALARM Ecological Lab

ALARM Ecological laboratory “A.E Lab” is the first laboratory established in Myanmar, for laboratory testing services specifically for Environmental Parameters. It was established in 2013 under ALARM’s Environmental Watch for Environmental Governance Project, granted by the Government of the French Republic and the European Union. A.E Lab has been designed to test and determine environmental parameters such as water quality, air quality and soil quality for environmental related issues.
A.E Lab has set up a mobile laboratory to extend services on the site due to demands in each and every state and region in the country for determination of pollution levels. A.E Lab works together with grassroots communities, civil society organizations, community based organizations, environmental service providing institutions, academia and the private sector for environmental governance.
By providing accurate environmental quality testing results, A.E Lab aims to support the sustainable development with technical evidences and scientific data for the verification of potential environmental impacts in respective regions of the country.

Available Services

  • Water Testing (39 Parameters)
  •  Air Testing (18 Parameters)
  • Soil Testing (6 Parameters)
  • Micro Testing (6 Parameters)
  • Field Testing
  • Sampling
  • Consultation