Mizzima Weekly Issue 1, Vol.10, January 2021

The Post Covid-19 economic recovery of Myanmar puts significant strain on country’s public policy in terms of balancing environmental concerns with that of economic growth. And also challenges of infrastructure development, power and energy investments, mining and forest resource use would call for climate friendly investments, green technologies and resilience of the communities that are going to be affected.

An analysis carried out by an environment that addresses the seriousness and resolve of political parties. This analysis covering 15 political parties, of them ten being ethnic parties’ points out that a majority of them have expressed commitments on preserving and protecting environment and sought to address issues of land and climate change.

This “Challenges of Environmental Conservation Voices of Political Parties during the 2020 Elections” Article written by “Upendranadh Choragudi” was featured at the Mizzima Newsletter Weekly Issue 1, Vol.10, January 1, 2021. In this article, given that Myanmar’s trajectory of development is heavily dependent on natural resource extraction, sustainable and responsible practices are critical in order to balance the economic growth with environmental conservation. Please read full version on the newsletter.


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