The inclusive strategy to align the mandates of the States and Regions with the Myanmar’s economic agenda and incorporate views on the current state of the economy and future expectations of Myanmar’s development

What is the problem we are trying to tackle with?

Currently, the concerned departments drew the sectoral project, activities and programs in accordance with their related sectors. However, there is no National Development Strategy which covers all the sectors. Moreover, the central government departments, state and regional governments only proposed the budget plan and still left to present the prior development projects according to the sectors and regions.

Consequently, the sectoral and regional programs and projects will not be connected to the higher strategic work plans and remains as a particular case because there has a few National Development Plans to implement the Strategic Development projects for them. If there has these type of projects, the Ministries, State and Regional Departments will be able to carry out the development projects strategically not only with the government budget but also with other financial resources (e.g private sector, development aid etc. ).Currently, there are many sectoral programs and projects for Myanmar and also global and regional projects and implemented to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals-SDGs linked to the National Strategies. Besides, on account of Myanmar is a member of ASEAN ,Actions Plans for ASEAN Economic Community will be necessary to be implemented. The role of the private sector and development partners organizations are also important in undertaking the Myanmar development projects. Now, there has lack of defined plans to carry out any development projects whether should be implemented by the government, collaborated with the government and private sector(Public-Private Partnership),ask the support from the development partner organizations etc. Thus, the linkage among the project planning of government departments and duty allocation are still found to be weak.

What do we do to address it?

As mentioned above, Myanmar is facing the circumstances such as no overarching plan at the national level, no strategy for development, and no coordination between departments etc. In order to solve these issues, the strategy which will link the drawn project plans to become more effective is urgently needed. With the purpose of fulfilling these necessities, the Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan has to be drawn and ALARM actively participated in developing the MSDP partly.

What has ALARM achieved?

  • The MSDP working draft
  • Strong coordination with the government departments
  • Being able to give the technical inputs for Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan




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