Public outcry over the occurrence of E coli in municipal water interests YCDC to address the failing decades-old water distribution system.

What is the problem we are trying to tackle?

  • The water system of Gyo Phyu Pipe are suspected to include the E Coli bacteria

What do we do to address it?

Yangon Drinking Water Testing at the ALARM’s laboratory by the Lab Technicians

  • Collected the water samples from the No(10),No(13) and No.5 quarters of Hlaing Township , No.(9) ward of South Okkapla, Aukhone Quarter of Tarmwe Township, Aungchan Thar Quarter of San Chaung Township and Tharketa Townships and tested the ingredients at the laboratory
  • Publishing the test results through the Myanmar Affairs website




What has ALARM achieved?

  • Publishing the news by local and international media(See Table 4)
  • Knowing the results that E coli bacteria are not found at the water of these townships, the water quality of south Okkapla can be said to be clean but the North Okkapla,Tamwe, sanchaung and Tharketa townships exceed the acceptable amount of Coliform Bacteria Content in accordance with the international standards


How are we learning and improving?

  • Will continue testing about the water quality of Yangon Drinking water accordingly


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